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The Florida Landlord/Tenant Law is extensive and can prove to be extremely tricky when trying to navigate alone without the assistance a qualified property management company.  This law is in place to provide a fair and unbiased outline of expected services and obligations for both the landlord and the tenant.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Law Outlines:

•  Before you rent

•  Oral and written agreements

•  Failure to meet obligations

•  Deposits and rent requirements

•  Who is responsible: The Landlord or the Tenant

•  When you decide to move

•  Military Service

•  Access to the premises

For detailed information on the Florida Landlord/Tenant Law, click on the link below to view the online Florida Statutes:

Chapter 83, Landlord and Tenant
Part II, Residential Tenancies
Our Paranormal Real Estate Service can assist those seeking either "Non-Haunted or "Haunted" long-term rentals anywhere in the state of Florida.  As a Paranormal Real Estate Agent, we can help the Renter determine if their potential rental home is a "Non-Haunted" or a "Haunted" house in addition to our traditional real estate services. This adds one more dimension of services for the Renter.

Discover the home you have been searching for through our Paranormal Real Estate Property Rental Services. Tamara J. Beckel, Licensed Real Estate Broker, has more than twenty years of real estate and property management experience, and as the Founder and Director of one of the largest paranormal teams in the state of Florida, the Key West Paranormal Society, we have a distinct advantage with assisting you in finding the perfect "Non-Haunted" or "Haunted" property.

The cornerstone of our success is that we are experts in both the Real Estate and Paranormal fields. Each property is distinguished by its own unique features and/or hauntings so contact us for your FREE consultation.

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