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•  Sales/Broker's Commission:  Total dollar amount of the real estate
broker’s sales commission which is usually paid by the seller.
This commission is typically a percentage of the selling price of
the home. Our real estate referral fee will also be paid to us out
of this percentage by the broker.

•  Tax Service Fee: This fee is for handling the payment of taxes to
the proper taxing authorities.

•  Title Insurance for Buyer: A title insurance policy for the buyer
guaranteeing a clear and marketable title.

At closing or settlement it is customary to make an adjustment between buyer and seller for property taxes and other expenses such as the homeowner owners association dues and any special assessments.

The taxes which are payable annually and in arrears will not be paid when the settlement occurs so the borrower will have to pay the seller's portion of the property taxes the following December 1st when they become due. However, the seller owned the home for part of the year, thus the taxes will be prorated accordingly and will be paid by the seller to the buyer for the portion of the year in which they owned the home at closing. This amount will show up as a credit on the settlement statement, and the seller will count this amount as a deduction from sums payable to the seller.

Similar adjustments are also made for homeowner association dues and any special assessments although the billing periods for these are often paid on a quarterly basis. These "prorations" are paid in advance so the seller will have to be credited with any prorated amount at settlement.

You will also have to notify all utility companies of the change in ownership and you may want to ask for a special reading on the day of settlement. Be sure to leave your new address for any final billing to be mailed.
We can help you sell your current primary or secondary "Non-Haunted" or "Haunted" house anywhere in the state of Florida. If your home is in another state and are unsure of who to contact, we can help you find the right Paranormal Real Estate agent who will work for "YOU".  We are also happy to offer these same services for those wishing to find a reputable paranormal property management company.


• Residential Listing Agreement: Sellers will be asked to sign an
exclusive right of sale listing agreement with their broker.

How To Sell Your Haunted House
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We help Sellers
with both Non-Haunted
and Haunted Homes
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We can help Sellers with both "Haunted"and "Non-Haunted" homes!
HOA Addendum: This form
discloses when a home
is required to be a part
of  a Home Owners

Agency Disclosure: This form
explains the various forms
of agency representation
between you and your
real estate broker.
• Sellers Real Property Disclosure Statement: Sellers are obligated
by law to disclose all personally known material defects about
their home to the buyer.

• Lead Based Paint Disclosure: This form is required by law only
for homes built prior to 1978.

• Radon Gas:  A seller must notify the buyer of the radon risk on at
least one document, form, or application executed at the time
of or before any contract for the sale or rental of a building.

• Foreign Investment in Real Property Act "FIRPTA" :  A tax form
required by the IRS withholding 10% of the gross sales price
for payment of foreign national seller's taxes thus preventing
them from expatriating the proceeds before it can be taxed.