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Our paranormal long-term management company has already compiled a rental market analysis and is knowledgeable of the rents the current market can bring. We will handle the marketing and advertising of your property both on the web and in print, and provide the yard signage for your property. We will also circulate flyers and share your available rental with other local real estate agents.

Potential applicants will be carefully screened and qualified with a comprehensive investigation performed on the potential tenant's rental history, employment record, criminal background, and credit history.

Legal documents will be prepared pursuant to state and county requirements by our management company with complete copies being provided to the Owner.

Rent monies are collected and disbursed according to the management agreement and security deposits are maintained in an escrow account according to Florida state law. If a tenant shall default on the agreement, our management company will handle all noticing and/or eviction procedures.

Move-in and move-out inspections are always performed on the property. Interior and exterior inspections will also be performed periodically to ascertain the condition of the property, and to make sure the tenant is maintaining the property in a manner which is compliant with the lease provisions.

Repairs are done when necessary and at reasonable rates only with trusted professionals with a proven track record in the business. Estimates will be provided to the Owner whenever possible prior to the repairs being made.
Rentals for more than 6 months and up to 1 year are considered a Long-Term Rental in the state of Florida.  Our Paranormal Property Management Service can handle the management of both "Non-Haunted" and "Haunted" homes. We can advertise your home to locate qualified tenants, execute the proper lease agreements on your behalf, and manage your investment property for you in your absence.

Managing your investment property is a full-time job so many owners prefer to have a qualified property management company handle these duties for them. Here are some of the typical fees associated with procuring a property management company:

• Advertising and Tenant Placement Fee: As much as 50% of the
first month’s rent or a set fee.  This fee usually encompasses
all advertising costs and compensation for phone calls,
showings, and document preparation

•  Monthly Management Fee: 10% of the monthly amount collected
for each individual property which includes rents, forfeited
deposits, and termination fees

•  Lease Renewal Fee: $100 for each existing lease renewal
processed, or rental increase processing for the same tenant

•  Property Inspections and Visits:  If owners require additional
inspections on top of the annual inspection (for tenant
move-in/out) then a $25 trip charge may be assessed to
cover mileage and time may be assessed

Haunted Property Management
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Only a licensed Florida real estate broker is equipped to guide you through complicated real estate management and rental requirements and will keep you up-to-date of any new changes in the law.
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We can manage
both your Non-Haunted
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We can manage both your "Haunted"and "Non-Haunted" home!
An accounting will be provided to every Owner in the form of a monthly statement showing all income and expenses on your rental property along with a copy of any invoices. A year-end statement for tax purposes with also be provided to every owner.